Polatouche Backpacking Tarp (9.5' x 11') for Backcountry

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Polatouche Ultralight Backpacking Tarp
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The Polatouche is a lightweight tarp for backpacking and hunting. It can be used as a glassing tarp, tent awning, together with a hammock or as a minimalist shelter. This tarp has plenty of space for two people. The tarp packs down easily for simple storage inside a backpack or other small places. Great for any adventure!

Glassing Hunting Tarp Polatouche

About Polatouche Tarp

  • Catenary curve shape for simple pitching
  • Silnylon fabric for smaller packable sizing
  • Campsite weather protection from rain and sun
  • 10 guyline loops for multiple attachment variations
  • Shape fits tipis to create awning
  • Includes tarp, guyline, line locks, Y-stakes and stuff sack


Backpacking Tarp Specs

  • Weather:  3.5 Season
  • Tarp Only Weight:  1.21 lbs (19.5 ounces)
  • Includes:  6 Stakes (purchase additional tent stakes)
  • Does Not Include:  Tarp Poles
  • Sleeping Space: 7.8' x 9.5' dimensions
  • Tie-out Points: 2 x Ridgeline + 4 x Corners + 4 Mid-Panel Guyline Loops = 10 Total
  • Guyline Cord: 78' Reflective Rope + 6 x Glow-in-the-dark Line Locks (Example Cut Lengths: 2 x 19' + 4 x 10')
  • Tarp Kit Packed Size: 11" x 4" x 4" (including cord, stakes and no poles)
  • Minimum Pack Space: 10" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Polatouche Backpacking Tarp Size Chart

Polatouche Tarp, Guyline, Sack and Stakes

Fabric and Further Details

  • Tarp Fabric: Waterproof 40D Ripstop Silnylon at 2500mm hydrostatic head - 260 Tensile strength 

Polatouche Waterproof Backpacking Tarp

Polatouche Tarp Cord Tie Outs

Tarp Cord Tensioners

Polatouche Tarp as Tent Awning

Polatouche Tarp FAQ

Can I use this tarp as a tent?

Yes you can! The Polatouche tarp acts as a waterproof outer tent and can also be used stand-alone, by using a groundsheet as the floor of the shelter. This minimalist style of backpacking. This style of shelter allows you to be closer with nature and take the cowboy type approach to camping. 

Using as a Tent Awning?

The catenary curve of the Polatouche makes it easy to connect to or next to your shelter. With most Luxe Shelters, just attach one end to the top loop or center pole, and then use a pole or tree to elevate the second end. This makes it possible to create a refuge at the opening of the tent for cooking or relaxing.

Note: You will need to apply tent seam sealer for heavy rain around the mid-panel guyline loop attachment points (sealer not included). Tarp color may appear slightly different in person. Made in a tent factory in China.