Gstove Wood Stoves (Tent Heating and Cooking) for Portable Camping

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The Gstove Portable Tent Wood Stove Kits are designed to turn almost any shelter, into a wood burning hot tent heater! These lightweight and packable stove systems comes with everything you need to heat a tent. Fits 2-25 Person sized canvas tents, teepees and hammock shelters. Both package choices include a stainless steel stove, pipes, fire grates, pipe rain cap and ash rake. Perfect for those long cold winter nights. Designed in Norway ships from the USA!

Gstove Wood Stove in Tent Drying Wood

About Tent Wood Stoves


Gstove Tent Wood Stoves are made up of stainless steel and is cylinder in shape, with a flat top surface. They have a single door, with a glass window for viewing the flame from inside the tent. The door also has a turnable air intake, so that you can fine-tune the burn rate.

The Gstove is cylinder in shape, but has a flat top surface, for boiling water and cooking real food with a pot or pan.

These wood stoves features foldable snow legs and carrying handles. The handles not only let you carry the stove, but they also fold out to let you dry or store things.

The whole stove system stores by opening the door and putting all the parts inside. This makes it packable by hand, backpack, or where ever your adventure takes you!


Wood Stoves Specs

  • Kits Include:  Wood Stove, 6 Pipes, Pipe Rain Cap, a two piece Grate and Ash Rake
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Sizes:  15.3" (length) x 8.6" (width) x 7.87" (height) | XL - 19.6" (length) x 8.6" (width) x 7.8" (height)
  • Weight:  20.9 lbs | XL - 24.25 lbs (including everything pictured)
  • Stove and Pipe Total:  Over 7.5' (height)
  • Door Opening:  6.5" (height) x 5.3" (width)
  • Wood Pieces:  14.1" (length) | XL - 18.5" (length)
  • Foldable Snow Legs:  3.9" (height)
  • Stove Pipes:  6 x 14.37" (length) x 2.36" (width) | XL - 5 x 18.3" (length) x 2.36" (width)
  • Handles/Dry Stand:  11.5" (length) x 5.3" (width) | XL - 14.1" (length) x 5.1" (width)


Flat Stove Top Cooking

Being able to put a heavier pan on the top flat surface, is one of the biggest features of this wood stove. One of the best camping luxuries is making real food when you are outdoors.

The flat wood stove top can be used to boil water, place a small frying pan or pot, and even dry bake your favorite treat.

Gstove Tent Wood Stove with Flat Top and Drying Rack

Cylinder Stove Peek-A-Boo Door with Vent

The door on the Gstove was designed so that large pieces of wood can enter the cylinder fire chamber easily. It has a ring handle, which you turn to lock the door closed. A second ring is used on the air vent, which controls the burn rate of the wood. 

Additionally, part of the door is made of glass. We find this to be an amazing feature. The glass allows you to not only watch your fire for tent entertainment, but to see when your fire needs more wood. This also provides an incandescent night light in your tent.

Gstove Tent Wood Stove with Glass Door and Vent


Burns Wood and Handle Coals Efficiently

Each Gstove Tent Wood Stove Kit comes with removable fire grates for more efficient wood burning. The grates allow for more air to get under the fire, which allows the wood to burn more evenly and efficiently. These two optional pieces can be added or removed as you chose. 

Secondly, both kits comes with an ash rake which allows you to handle the hot coals of the fire and scrap the ash if needed. This is most beneficial if you are trying to dry bake on top of the stove and need to move coals to regulate the heat. 


Foldable Snow Legs and Handle/Dry Rack

The Gstove has foldable snow legs which make for easy storage and packing. They are shaped, so that the legs are less likely to sink in the snow, sand or soft ground. We find this very beneficial for the cold winter or camping in less than perfect conditions. 

Additionally, this stove comes with strong foldable handles, which also double as a wood stove drying rack. The racks can be used to store cooking accessories, dry wet wood or even keep food warm (when placed in the up position). 

Gstove Cylinder Stove Foldable Snow Legs

Stove Pipe Sections

The stainless steel wood stove pipe comes in six sections and is 2.36 inches wide, with a total height of over 7 feet. They are designed so that each section will fit inside the fire chamber of the stove for easy storage. Each stove pipe is tapered, to make it easy to attach male and female ends and securely fit the pieces together. 

Additional sections can be purchased to increase the pipe length for large shelters. Accessories can also be purchased to dry clothes, bake and boil water. We suggest using the pipe tent protection sleeve, if you are looking to use a wood stove in a tent without a stove jack


Note: Stove must be Burnt-in for the first time outside or in empty shelter. Also known as the Gstove Heat View Stove and Heat View XL. Use in a enclosed space at your own risk, be sure to read the Gstove User Guide.