Rect-BF Bathtub Floor Rectangle (1 and 2-person) for Floorless Tents

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Rect-BF Bathtub Tent Floors provide extra protection when camping in wet conditions. Using only a bathtub floor (with outer tent) allows you to leave the tipi inner tent at home, when the bugs aren't bad, saving the hiker overall space and weight in their backpack. This general use floor works with most large floorless tents on the market!

There are included guylines which constructs the walls, that can be attached to already in place tent stakes or can be staked out individually. These rectangle tent floors come in two sizes to sleep one or two campers. Both footprints have the ability to create a 3.5 inch vertical wall to prevent rain spray or runoff from entering the sleeping area. This floor can also be slept on by just laying it flat against the ground.

These bathtub floors are designed specifically for Luxe tipi tents, but will work with most pyramid or large hexamid floorless tipi tents on the market.


Compatible Floorless Tents

Floorless Tent Bathtub Floor Specs

  • Weight:  1-person 10.5 ounces  |  2-person 1.5 lbs (21 ounces)
  • Sleepable Space: 1-person 7.3' (length) x 3.1' (width)  |  2-person 7.5' (length) x 6.5' (width)
  • Waterproof Fabric:  75D PU coated Polyester with 210T at 4000mm (seam taped)
Rect-BF Bathtub Floor Size Chart

Floor Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this footprint for my favorite floorless tent?

Yes you can! You can use these bathtub floors for most pyramid or hexagon shaped floorless tents on the market. Just be sure that the outer tent coverage area, is greater than the floor vertical walls, so that water runoff does not fill the sleeping area.


Note: Tent stakes not included. Also known as the Solo Rectangle and Duo Rectangle Floors. Made in a tent factory in China.

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