Rain-out (Silicone) Tent Seam Sealer

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Silicone Tent Seam Sealer
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Rain-out Tent Seam Sealer is made to keep water from entering inside a tent or tarp. Small holes are created by a sewing machine needle, when manufacturing a tent. Seam sealer may be necessary to keep water from leaking inside your shelter in heavy rains. You also want to double check the tent fabric and make sure it is friendly with silicone based sealer. A silicone sealer will form a permanent bond with clean silicone (silnylon) fabrics.

Silicone Seam Sealer Specs

  • Total Weight:  1.17 oz
  • Items:  Tube of Seam Sealer and Application Brush
  • Fabrics:  For Silnylon and PU Coatings
  • Ingredients:  100% Silicone

Seam Sealing a Tent Directions

For best waterproofing results. Pitch your tent taut in the yard at home, during a dry weather period. Clean seam area with rubbing alcohol and let evaporate. Hold the fabric steady and apply a thin layer of sealant. Smooth out thick areas and remove all overflow immediately. Allow 2 to 4 hours for sealer to dry and cure (preferably overnight). Test for drying before putting away tent. Need more? Helpful tips on seam sealing a tent!