Stove Pipe Section (Stainless Steel) for X3 Stove

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Nesting Stove Pipe for Camp Wood Stove
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These stainless stove pipe section were designed for the X3 wood stove, but will work with any tent wood stove with the same pipe diameter. This stove pipe is used to carry wood smoke from the fire chamber, up and outside a tent. A valuable accessory for hot tents!

Stove Pipe Use Considerations

Shelters come in all shapes and sizes, so you may need to extend the length of a stove pipe, so that it can reach the exit hole of the tent wall (stove jack). Once exiting the fabric, you should also consider adding enough clearance that the smoke can safely exit the area, this will also add a buffer against the chance of falling embers, burning small holes in your tent. 


Tent Stove Pipe Specs

  • Includes:  1 piece Pipe Section (Spark Arrestor Cap not included)
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Size:  17" (length) x 2.9" (width)
  • Weight:  8 ounces
Nesting Stove Pipe Spec Chart

Note: Made in Korea